Wind energy

Wind energy

Together with Eoly Energy, we manage 21 wind turbines across Flanders and Wallonia, 3 of which belong to Eoly Cooperative. These turbines produce over 118,000MWh per year – enough to power more than 32,300 homes for a whole year. This saves 53,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, helping us protect the environment.

We hope to achieve 100% renewable energy sources within one single generation. Are you in?

wind turbines
fewer tons CO2/year


Wind is an infinite and localised source of energy. It does not require any uranium, coal or oil from far-flung places. Generating wind energy makes us less dependent on other countries and the fluctuating international energy market. Wind can be harvested right here, at home.
Wind turbines have a lifespan of more than two decades, meaning they can produce electricity for 20 to 25 years.
Wind energy is the greenest kind of renewable energy. Almost no other method of generating energy has such a consistently low carbon footprint throughout its life cycle. To achieve our climate targets, we must invest in wind energy.

Want to own part of a wind turbine?

Support a positive development through Eoly Cooperation. As a cooperator, you can buy shares whenever a project is opened by Eoly Cooperation. Thus, you automatically become co-owner of all cooperative wind turbines.And, you share in the profit of this wind energy.

Always looking for suitable locations

Do you own a plot of open land in an agricultural or industrial area, or an industrial building with a spacious but unused roof? Your property could be the ideal spot for a wind turbine or solar panels, thereby literally helping you build a greener energy landscape for future generations. Get in touch and we will look into your proposal, no strings attached.