The inhabitants of Lessines, Silly and Ath are invited to invest in local green energy

The construction of the new wind turbines in Ollignies is in full swing. Eoly Cooperation is launching the capital raising and invites the inhabitants of Ollignies to become a co-shareholder in one of the 5 wind turbines in Ollignies.

Work on the new Eoly Energy wind farm in Lessines-Silly (5 wind turbines) has started.
Eoly Cooperation becomes the owner of one of the turbines and will organise a capital raising from 1 April. As usual, Eoly Cooperation offers local residents priority registration for (1) month. For this wind farm, this means the residents of Lessines, Silly & Ath. From May 1st, the capital raising will be open to the general public.

Information meetings will be organised to explain the details of this participation. The previous participation convinced many people.

This is not the first time that Eoly Cooperation has raised capital. In 2017, around 1,200 cooperators invested in a wind turbine in Halle and in 2020, more than 1,100 new cooperators joined the project in Rebaix. In this way, they participate in the energy transition of tomorrow.  In exchange, they have voting rights at the annual general meeting and share in the profits of the wind turbines.

Information meetings for local residents
In order to inform all interested people, a face-to-face information meeting will take place on 1 April 2022 at the Hotel Horizon in Ath from 5.30 pm.

On 4 April a digital session will be organised. The objective is to explain the concept and the advantages of the cooperation and the details of this project and this capital raising.

Interested? Register before 27 March 2022 on or by phone on 02 388 01 20, to confirm your presence or to receive the link to the digital session.

About the Ollignies project

The first wind turbine has been operational since December 2016. It directly supplies the distribution centre of the Colruyt Group. With the other 5 wind turbines under construction, we will produce approximately 20,000 MWh more per year.

About Eoly Cooperation
Eoly Cooperation was founded in 2016. Eoly Cooperation works closely with Eoly Energy in the construction and operation of wind turbines and thus invests together in wind energy projects in Belgium. Local residents are primarily invited to become cooperators. This is not a financial model, but a direct participation in the projects.

About Eoly Energy
Eoly Energy is a renewable energy producer. We have been investing in onshore wind energy projects since 1999. The first projects were realised within the Colruyt Group. We are convinced that it is not only important to invest in renewable production capacity, but also in ways to keep as much sustainable energy as possible in the energy system. This is why Eoly Energy has developed expertise in hydrogen technology since 2010. We are convinced that within a generation we will be able to get all our energy from renewable sources.

Eoly Cooperative successfully raises capital in Rebaix


From 15 September, Ath residents were given priority in investing. One month later, on 15 October, the general public was in turn invited to invest in the country’s energy transition. 

The capital increase’s target of 4.35 million euro was reached considerably before the scheduled deadline. This success reinforces our belief that more and more people are eager to step up and support the development of renewable energy, thereby sending a clear message to the rest of society. 

Past investment rounds convinced many others

Rebaix was Eoly Cooperative‘s first capital increase launch. In 2017, a staggering 1,200 member-owners invested in a wind turbine in Halle. In doing so, they are contributing towards making their environment more sustainable, while also enjoying dividend rights for years to come.