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Rebaix Wind Farm (Aat)

Eoly’s wind farm in Rebaix is located on agricultural land along the A8 motorway near Rebaix and Bouvignies, two boroughs of the Walloon city of Aat. The farm, which has been operating since late 2020, produces enough green energy to provide 1,500 households with electricity per year.

One of the three turbines within the farm is owned by Eoly Cooperation.
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Eoly Cooperative, owner of one wind turbine in Rebaix

As a member-owner, you will be helping to build Belgium’s future energy landscape. In return, you get a say in our projects and a share of the profits from our wind turbines. What’s more, wind is worth a lotEoly Cooperative aims for a return of around 4%.This is more than what you would get from a savings account. Then, should you change your mind, you can pull out any year.  

Green initiatives in and around Aat

Eoly Energy is helping to improve people’s quality of life in a number of ways, not only by generating green energy, but by backing inspiring environmental initiatives. 

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Seize your opportunity to ride the winds of change

It takes more than a single wind turbine make a difference in a village, city or municipality. To create a cleaner, greener energy landscape, we need YOU. Be an ambassador, a thinker and an initiator! 

Always looking for suitable locations

Do you own a plot of open land in an agricultural or industrial area, or an industrial building with a spacious but unused roof? Your property could be the ideal spot for a wind turbine or solar panels, thereby literally helping you build a greener energy landscape for future generations. Get in touch and we will look into your proposal, no strings attached. 

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