Flanders gets its first plant to make sustainable hydrogen on a large scale.

Virya Energy and Fluxys are developing a 25 megawatt power plant in Zeebrugge. Using renewable electricity, they will produce hydrogen for industry, transport and for injection as green gas into the Belgian gas network.

Zeebrugge gets a hydrogen plant


The Belgian consortium Hyoffwind has signed a conditional EPC agreement for the realisation of a 25 MW green hydrogen production unit (scalable to 100 MW) in Zeebrugge.

This agreement represents a significant contribution to the Belgian and European hydrogen strategy, which aims to achieve a capacity of 40 GW of electrolysis by 2024, and builds on an already solid reputation in the transition to renewable energy.

The planned production unit in Zeebrugge will be developed by a consortium consisting of Virya Energy and Fluxys.