Green energy

Expansion Lessines-Silly

The Lessines/Silly wind farm is an extension with 5 wind turbines. For this we use a piece of agricultural land next to the A8 – E429 motorway and the Colruyt Group distribution centre in Ollignies. The first wind turbine, built on the site, has been operational since December 2016. It supplies power directly to the distribution centre.

With the 5 new/added wind turbines we produce about 30,105 MWh extra per year. We placed 3 wind turbines north of the highway and 2 turbines south of the highway. 1 of the 3 new turbines in the north will also supply electricity directly to the distribution centre via a direct line. The other 2 turbines will inject their green power into the grid.

Two wind turbines for two cooperatives

Each of the 2 southern wind turbines has been fully transferred to a cooperative, respectively Eoly Cooperative and the Clef cooperative. These two companies have already raised the capital for this from interested parties in 2022.

The tip height and the capacity are slightly smaller for these two turbines: they each have a tip height of 130m and a capacity of 2.2MW.

Wind turbines
1 m
rotor tip length
Aug 2021 0
Construction start date
MW / wind turbine
1000 tonnes
April 10000
Ready for use
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Join Eoly Cooperative in investing in the future!

As a cooperator, you will be helping to build Belgium’s future energy landscape. In return, you get a say in our projects and a share of the profits from our wind turbines. What’s more, wind is worth a lot! Eoly Cooperation aims for a return of around 4%.This is more than what you would get from a savings account. Then, should you change your mind, you can pull out any year.  

Always looking for suitable locations

Do you own a plot of open land in an agricultural or industrial area, or an industrial building with a spacious but unused roof? Your property could be the ideal spot for a wind turbine or solar panels, thereby literally helping you build a greener energy landscape for future generations. Get in touch and we will look into your proposal, no strings attached. 

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