Green hydrogen

Since 2012, Eoly Energy has been developing, financing and operating green hydrogen production plants.

Today, Eoly Energy focuses on the production of green hydrogen on an industrial scale. To produce green hydrogen, Eoly Energy uses water electrolysis technology, powered by renewable electricity. With this technology, hydrogen can be produced by releasing only water and oxygen.

With its roots at Colruyt Group, Eoly Energy has always had sustainable innovation in its DNA. Since 2012, Eoly Energy has been working on the development of green hydrogen. Over the years, Eoly Energy has acquired a unique expertise at different levels of the value chain, namely in production, distribution and mobility applications, in cooperation with Colruyt Group departments.

Hydrogen can be used to decarbonise several applications

1. Mobility

Eoly Energy is convinced that hydrogen is the most suitable technology to fuel the needs of heavy transport (trucks, buses, ships, trains,…) or intensive mobility (taxis, vans, logistic trucks,…). This is why we have been working since 2012 on numerous hydrogen mobility projects: logistic trucks since 2012, buses in 2012 (De Lijn), passenger cars since 2015, trucks in 2020, buses in 2021 (STIB-MIVB),…

2. Industry

Hydrogen will play a major role in the decarbonisation of certain industrial processes. It could replace the carbonated hydrogen currently used or serve as an alternative for processes that emit CO2.

3. Energy system

The production of green hydrogen contributes to the integration of our overall energy system. And, during the production of hydrogen, green electrons are converted into green molecules.


Virya Energy and Fluxys are developing a 25 megawatt installation in Zeebrugge.

With renewable electricity they will produce hydrogen for industry, transport and for injection as green gas into the Belgian gas network.

Hydrogen for business:

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