Yes, for three reasons.  

Firstly, it takes just a few months for a wind turbine to generate the amount of electricity needed to produce, deliver, install and (many years later) recycle itself. From then on, all the energy the turbine produces is emissions-free. The turbine then produces green energy between 20-25 years.   

Secondly, all parts of a wind turbine can be recycled, meaning that wind energy results in little to no waste. However, the blades, which are usually made from fibreglass, can only be reused as low-grade materials such as fencing and concrete fillers.    

Lastly, almost no other energy technology emits as little CO2 (per kWh of generated energy) as wind turbines. Solar power, hydro power, nuclear energy and biomass power (to say nothing of fossil alternatives) all emit greater amounts of greenhouse gases.