Eoly wants to support climate objective with green energy project in Zele

Halle, 27 November 2019 – Eoly, producer and supplier of green energy, is planning the construction of a wind turbine on the industrial site in Zele. The expected energy production will correspond to the annual consumption of some 2,500 families and will thus contribute to the growing demand for energy and the Flemish government’s plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 35% by 2030. On Thursday, November 28, Eoly organises an information moment where local residents and interested parties can learn all details about the project and constructively obtain correct information and clarity about aspects such as noise and impact shadow. Besides investing in the wind turbine in Zele, Eoly also wants to invest in landscaping and sustainable projects in the region – local residents are invited to make suggestions during the information evening.

Choice of location: in the middle of an industrial area

The project is planned with the Renika company, located on Dommekensstraat in Zele. This location is in the middle of an industrial area with little residential development in the immediate vicinity and at a considerable distance from the residential area.

The new turbine will be bundled with the industrial zone and a few high-voltage pylons and will fit in with the three existing wind turbines. In addition, the chosen location also meets the criteria from the Flemish Circular ‘Assessment framework and preconditions for the establishment of wind turbines’ and corresponds to the most suitable zones according to the Wind Plan of the province of East Flanders.

The impact on the environment was thoroughly investigated and will also be closely monitored during the operation phase. This will guarantee that the legal standards for noise and impact shadow will be respected at all times and that the nuisance for residents and companies in the area will be limited to a minimum.


Noise and shadow standards respected

The law (Vlarem regulations) has laid down a certain permitted volume of cast shadow for homes: in Flanders, this is a period of a maximum of 8 hours per year, and no longer than 30 minutes per day. Eoly invests extra in its turbines to equip them with a system that continuously monitors the cast shadow and logs all standstills. “In this way, the government can check at all times that we are taking the legislation to heart, and cast shadow is kept to a minimum,” indicates Stephan Windels, Business Unit Manager of Eoly.

As regards noise, the wind turbine will respect the legal noise level of 39 dB(A) in residential areas at night – this corresponds to the sound of whispering in a library. During the day, this is a maximum of 44 dB(A), which corresponds to the sound in a quiet office/work environment. In residential areas situated less than 500 metres from industry, the maximum noise at night is 43 dB(A) and during the day it is 48 dB(A).

Meeting CO2 emission reductions through green (wind) energy

The expected energy production of the turbine corresponds to the annual consumption of 2,500 families. The green power generated will initially be consumed directly on site by the Renika company. The rest of the power will be injected into the grid.

Eoly is a green energy producer and supplier, which is also strongly committed to innovation and research into alternatives and new techniques such as the use of hydrogen. Eoly is making its expertise and experience available to this energy project, from development to operation. The green energy producer and supplier is currently operating 14 onshore wind turbines in Belgium, in addition to numerous solar panels and a cogeneration plant. In this way, Eoly wants to make a meaningful contribution to the growing demand for energy and to achieving the climate objectives, with respect for people and the environment.

Thinking about sustainable projects in the neighbourhood: together we achieve more

Eoly takes the initiative to inform the citizens about the project and organises an information market in the parish hall in the Van Der Moerenstraat in Zele on November 28. The project will be presented by means of maps and photo simulations.

Interested and/or concerned local residents can ask all their questions at this information market to the experts, who want to enter into a constructive dialogue. Stephan Windels adds: “We find it very important to inform people correctly and transparently and are always prepared to enter into dialogue. The experts from Eoly are therefore ready to answer the questions of the local residents. The info market is open continuously from 5 to 8 pm”.

Besides the investment in the wind turbine in Zele, Eoly also wants to invest in landscaping and sustainable projects in the region (construction of walking and cycling paths, nature development, planting of trees and hedges, orchard, park, playground, etc.). The development of a teaching package on sustainable energy for the local primary schools also belongs to the possibilities.

At the information market, there will also be a suggestion box where local residents can give their creative idea or proposal, because we believe that together we can achieve more in the fight against climate change. “Eoly wants to involve people from the neighbourhood more strongly in this way and contribute to making the area more beautiful and sustainable. We would like to work out constructive proposals together in dialogue. Anyone who has suggestions may send them now to”, says Stephan Windels from Eoly.

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