Eoly Energy recycles Rebaix crushed stone for new project in Ollignies

In early 2021, we put the finishing touches to our wind farm in Rebaix (Hainaut province). Ever since, three wind turbines have been producing green energy on agricultural land along the A8/E429 motorway. Rather than returning the crushed stone generated during the Rebaix farm’s construction to the supplier, we opted for a more sustainable alternative, by reusing the material for our new wind farm in Ollignies. Up to 5,148m³ of stone fragments were transported to this borough of the Walloon city of Lessines only 12.8km away, thereby producing far fewer transport emissions. More specifically, this meant that 3,445 fewer litres of fuel were used, the same as making 267 trips by city car from Brussels to Paris and back.Roadworks in Ollignies will begin in September 2021. One year later, five turbines will start contributing towards a cleaner, greener energy landscape. The crushed stone from Rebaix will now be used to construct access roads and build platforms. Given that wind turbines are erected at the edge of a gravel platform rather than directly above soil, the platform provides space for any future blade repair. The Rebaix stone fragments have already been used to construct gravel platforms below two of the five turbines in Ollignies (WT1 and WT2). The remaining rubble has been stored and will soon be used to construct platforms below and access roads to the three remaining turbines, north of the motorway.

Recycling statistics

  • Volume: 5,148m³ = 303 17m³ lorries 
  • Platforms: 2 
  • Distance travelled: 12.8km = 72% kilometres saved 
  • Fuel savings: 3,445 litres = 267 rides Brussels-Paris and back 
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