van-hool-delivers-the- first-bus-hydrogen- to-stib-in-brusselss

Eoly Energy helps STIB with carbon-free mobility in Brussels

On June 23, Eoly Energy won the public tender of STIB for the rental of a mobile hydrogen refuelling station for buses. Through this project, Eoly Energy, who has been active in the field of hydrogen since 2012, will support STIB in acquiring the knowledge necessary for the operation of a hydrogen bus. Eoly Energy will make a mobile refuelling station available for this purpose and will also supply the hydrogen substance. This is the first local collaboration that meets the objectives of the Brussels-Capital Region’s Climate Energy Plan 2030.

H2-busses in Brussels

Hydrogen is an essential tool for sustainable mobility. This energy source makes it possible to overcome the disadvantages of conventional battery technology (charging time, vehicle range, charging infrastructure).

In order to prepare for the end of combustion engines in Brussels and, in particular, for the obligation imposed by the public authorities to purchase emission-free vehicles, STIB has been looking into hydrogen technology for several years now, with a view to making its bus fleet greener.

STIB is currently testing a hydrogen bus made by the Belgian manufacturer Van Hool. Eoly Energy proposed a turnkey solution that perfectly meets the needs of STIB: a mobile refuelling station designed in partnership with Haskel Europe, and hydrogen deliveries through Messer Belgium. The Nano Pro mobile station delivers the same refuelling performance as a permanent station, while offering greater flexibility of use.

During the test, Eoly Energy will accompany the STIB teams and share its expertise in the production, distribution and use of hydrogen. By working with STIB, Eoly Energy aims to contribute to the emergence of carbon-free mobility in the Brussels Region. Eoly Energy is pleased to share its vision of a sustainable energy system with a major and innovative player in the field of mobility. This collaboration is an important first step towards sustainable mobility in Brussels.