Eoly Energy and Novandi tackle the decarbonisation of logistics activities in Liege

Eoly Energy and Novandi tackle the decarbonisation of logistics activities in LiegeOn March 9th, the ZELLIE project led by Eoly Energy and Novandi was officially selected by the Walloon Government as part of the call for hydrogen projects launched in July 2021. Through this project, Eoly Energy, developer of hydrogen projects within the Virya Group, and Novandi, multimodal operator, plan to build a hydrogen production unit on the Renory site in Liège and to decarbonise logistics flows by putting into service 2 hydrogen barges and a refuelling station for road mobility. This 100% Belgian collaboration is perfectly in line with the emission reduction objectives of the Walloon Region.Eoly Energy and Novandi decarbonise logistics activities in LiegeHydrogen is an essential lever for sustainable mobility and an energy vector that allows the decarbonisation of heavy mobility (trucks, boats, trains, etc.).The logistics sector is a strategic sector for the economic redeployment of the Walloon Region. The ZELLIE project (for Zero Emission Logistique LIEge) will provide concrete solutions to decarbonise transport activities.The ZELLIE project is based on a concept of local production of 5 MW of green hydrogen on the Renory site in order to decarbonise two barges currently operating between Liège and Antwerp and for which direct electrification does not seem technically possible, as well as other heavy logistic uses (trucks).The production unit will be located in the heart of the Liege Port Authority, which enjoys a prime location at European, national and regional level. The Renory site is a multimodal platform located at the crossroads of the Belgian, German and Dutch motorways and is also easily accessible by heavy duty vehicles.ZELLIE is an ambitious and innovative project. Indeed, the decarbonisation objectives for inland shipping are high. However, there are still very few projects leading the way to zero emissions for this type of transport, and the project will be a pioneer in Belgium.
A project and expertise 100% Made in BelgiumThe ZELLIE project brings together a group of leading Belgian players wishing to mark a new milestone in the development of the hydrogen sector in the Liège region. The initiative was developed by Belgian players who are leaders in their field at Belgian and European level. The project leaders Eoly Energy, active in hydrogen since 2012, and Novandi, operator of the Renory multimodal terminal, will rely on the local expertise of John Cockerill and BEH2YDRO, a joint venture created by the Ghent-based engine manufacturer Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) and CMB.TECH.John Cockerill will be responsible for the design, supply and construction of the specific facilities for the production and use of hydrogen. BEH2YDRO will be responsible for the supply and installation of the new hydrogen combustion engine on the Novandi barges.
About us:Eoly Energy is a Belgian company specialised in the development of renewable energies (wind/solar/hydrogen). Eoly Energy’s ambition is to develop and expand its production and marketing of green hydrogen on Belgian and European territory. Eoly Energy, Fluxys and Parkwind are currently developing a project for an industrial-scale installation in Zeebrugge by 2024 to convert renewable electricity into green hydrogen. Another similar project is being developed in Terneuzen (NL) in the heart of the North Sea Port.Eoly Energy is owned by the holding company Virya Energy. Virya Energy was founded in 2019 by Colruyt Group and Korys.Novandi is a major player in multimodality in Wallonia. As the operator of several multimodal platforms, the group is positioned as the reference partner for the handling of bulk cargo, containers, swap bodies and trailers from road to rail and waterway.The group currently manages the bimodal rail terminal at Liège Airport and the trimodal terminals at Montignies-sur-Sambre, Renory (Angleur) and Trilogiport (Hermalle-sous-argenteau).
John Cockerill is a Liege-based engineering company providing industrial solutions to many sectors. Since 2019, John Cockerill has been offering and selling its electrolysis equipment and integrated solutions for hydrogen production and distribution worldwide. A European electrolyser manufacturing plant will be commissioned in 2022.BEH2YDRO is a Belgian joint venture between the Ghent-based engine manufacturer Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) and CMB.TECH. With the aim of concretely reducing fuel emissions at sea and on land, BEH2YDRO develops various hydrogen applications, hydrogen engines and hydrogen storage solutions.Contacts Presse:Stephan Windels, CEO, Eoly Energystephan.windels@eoly-energy.comPauline Dijon, Head of Bus. Development, Eoly Energypauline.dijon@eoly-energy.comVincent Brassinne, Directeur,
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