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Eoly Coöperatie cv was founded in January 2016 and was recognised by the National Councel of Cooperations in April 2016. This recognition provides guarantee that the concerned companies respect the cooperative values and principles.

Eoly Cooperation offers participation in windturbine projects: You decide to co-invest? Than you help the energytransition in our country.  Once we obtain building permits for a new windproject, we first offer the neighbours of the new project the opportunity to invest.  After that, the capital raise is open to everybody.  The cooperation invests the raised money in a windturbine.

Eoly Cooperation and Eoly Energy
Eoly Energy provides the necessary studies, preparations and construction of the wind farms. In this way, the risk and previous financing of the development is borne by Eoly Energy. Once the permits are in place, construction of the wind farm starts. Eoly Cooperation then becomes a turbine owner.

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The Benefits

Investing in a wind energy project makes more of a difference than you might think. Your decision convinces others to follow suit, thereby galvanising your entire neighbourhood. Together as a community, you are creating a cleaner, more ambitious and greener energy grid. As a local residents, you will be among the first to be given the chance to invest, as Eoly Cooperative always prioritises the residents from the municipality the project is located in.

Eoly Cooperative is the wind beneath your savings. As a shareholder, you will become the co-owner of a wind turbine and carry subsequent dividend rights. In recent years, the dividend has been at 5.5%.

While past performance is no guarantee of future results, Eoly Cooperative always aims for a return around 4%. Investing is another way of contributing towards a brighter, breezier future.

Eoly Cooperative is supported by Eoly Energy, who shoulder the risk of developing the wind turbines, having considerable expertise and resources in successfully developing projects like this. We only begin seeking capital investment once a project is fully ready for construction. Moreover, all profits or losses are shared equally between all turbines within a wind farm, meaning that you, as a co-owner, are faced with minimal risk.

As a member-owner, you are investing in a brighter future for everyone. You are contributing towards building a green, more sustainable energy landscape that everyone will benefit from. By supporting a local energy producer, you are helping society achieve its climate targets.

Board of Directors


Piet Colruyt



Anca Sarbovan


Marlies Vlasselaer


Bart Vander Elst


Kristof De Roeck


Peter De Bonte


The wind farm in Halle features five wind turbines. The very first turbine, which has long since been dismantled, was erected back in 1999. Two new wind turbines were added in 2014, which were joined by another three in 2017 – one of which on behalf of Eoly Cooperative. This means that Halle is where Eoly Cooperative’s story began!


As of the start of the year 2021, Eoly’s wind farm in Rebaix has been officially up and running. The turbine behind this green electricity? A VESTAS V117-3.45MW with a height of 150 metres and a rotor diameter of 117 metres.

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Eoly Cooperative works closely with Eoly Energy for the construction and operation of wind turbines.


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