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Achieving 100% renewable energy within one single generation


Eoly Energy is a leading Belgian renewable energy producer with strong ambitions to further expand internationally. In recent years, we have developed end-to-end capabilities across the energy value chain, from project initiation to operation. We want to become a global energy player in our core areas (wind energy, large-scale solar energy). We are part of a sustainable ecosystem and we consider partnerships a key element for our future development.  

Eoly Energy breezing ahead

Eoly Energy’s story begins with Colruyt Group. It did not take long for this group of sustainability-driven Belgian entrepreneurs to generate the group’s first MWh of green energy. In 1999, the blades of its first wind turbine began turning in Halle. In 2012, Colruyt Group founded WE Power to unite all of its renewable energy projects under one umbrella. Three years later, this was renamed Eoly, Colruyt Group’s very own producer and supplier of sustainable energy. Recognising that clean renewable energy should benefit everyone, Eoly Cooperative was soon founded thereafter, granting local residents their own say and input.

To put even more wind up Eoly’s sails (and blades!), it was later rebranded Eoly Energy. Today, it is part of Virya Energy. Virya Energy combines all our efforts in renewable energy, thereby maximising the exchange of knowledge and technology, while offering all the advantages of scale. Eoly Energy

Wind Turbines

Investing in the energy of the future is a breeze

Since 2020, Eoly Energy has been part of Virya Energy.

Together with Eurowatt, Eoly Energy aims to contribute to Virya’s ambition to develop, finance, build and operate renewable energy sources in Belgium but also abroad.
Currently active in Belgium with 17 turbines operational, Eoly Energy is ready to take on new challenges in large-scale solar and hydrogen activities.

Eoly Energy is a rapidly evolving company with dedicated professionals and experts who believe in sustainability as a long-term shared value to build a green future for our society.

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Care free investment in the energy of the future?

Do you want to invest in a better future and an interesting, safe investment? As a cooperative, you become the owner of a piece of the wind turbine and share in the profits. And that without great risks. Eoly Cooperative is working together with Eoly Energy for the construction and operation of wind turbines. The risk and financing of the development is borne by Eoly Energy. Moreover, the revenues and costs are shared across all wind turbines of a wind farm. This way, you can confidently invest in the future, for yourself and for the next generations.


Always looking for suitable locations

Do you own a plot of open land in an agricultural or industrial area, or an industrial building with a spacious but unused roof? Your property could be the ideal spot for a wind turbine or solar panels, thereby literally helping you build a greener energy landscape for future generations. Get in touch and we will look into your proposal, no strings attached.